With a European base in Munich, Germany, Jeff Glovsky leverages valuable connections in varied sectors, including global event services, renewable energy and real estate and development, to offer access, project and property consultation, high end travel and accommodation to an established private client database.

He is a boating enthusiast and private yacht and jet charter broker, and a partner in several consulting, music and media-related businesses.

Jeff Glovsky ("AVglov") brings 20+ years of expertise to the table as a live Tonmensch (sound engineer) and an audio-visual / digital media support specialist.

He is a regional events director with Global Music Project®, and a freelance photographer / raw image content provider whose idiosyncratic Photo(s) by Jglo can be seen on Behance, and across the ongoing "Lo-Fi Project" on Tumblr, Instagram, VSCO and Wordpress.

Multimedia Consult is a synthesis of overlapping skill sets, and the diverse, interrelated services offered by Jeff Glovsky... a reader, a writer, a photograph maker... and trusted international business collaborator.